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Meet The Animals

These are the wonderful animals that live at Everything Equine, Norco, California!  From horses to goats, pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep.  We have it all!

This is one of Everything Equine, Norco, California, horses that does everything.  His name is Dusty.  He rides trails, rides English and Western, places in trail challenge courses.  He's an all-around horse with a creamy white coat and the lightest blue eyes you'll ever see in a horse!
Dusty:    15 year old, cremello Tennessee Walker gelding.  He is 14.3hh and is one of our rescue horses.  This horse will do almost anything you ask him.  From trail to jumping to cow sorting, he's a jack of all trades!  He is our intermediate and up lesson horse.  He has competed in English and western pleasure, cow sorting, competitive trail riding, and jumping!  He loves any kind of treats and loves attention! 

This is Ace.  He is a lightly gaited Mustang living at Everything Equine, Norco, California.  Ace is  very good on the trails and is around seven years old.  His color is bay, but he has a lot of gray hair on his hind in.  He was captured by the BLM and adopted by us at Everything Equine from a trainer about two years ago.  He can be very dramatic at times around Everything Equine and keeps us guessing what he'll be doing next!
Ace:    11 year old, bay roan Mustang gelding.  He is 14hh and came from a BLM holding facility in Ridgecrest, California, when he was just one year old.  He is used as a guided trail horse and occasionally a lesson horse.  Ace can be a bit shy until he gets to know you.  Once he warms up to you, he is very friendly.  Occasionally, Ace is offered for lease.  Ask us!  Ace's favorite treat is carrots!
 This is the personal horse of Jamie at Everything Equine, Norco, California.  His name is KC.  This horse is an Appaloosa that is completely blind.  He lost his vision in one eye from being kicked in the eye.  Then as fate would have it, KC lost the vision in his other eye from Moon Blindness as can happen with Appaloosas.  Jamie can ride him on the streets of Norco, California, or on trials.  Jamie and KC have a special bond and Jamie tells KC cues while riding using her voice.  They have an amazing bond.  KC lives a happy life here at Everything Equine at Norco, California.KC:    15 year old, red dun Appaloosa gelding.  He is 15.1hh.  KC is the beginner through advanced lesson horse and a guided trail ride guide horse.  KC is blind.
He has been blind since he was 11.  He was kicked in the face by a horse that he used to live with.  KC does anything a normal horse does.  He has been shown in English and Western and cow sorting. KC has been ridden up to Pumpkin Rock. He is sweet and friendly, loves everyone, and lets anyone ride him.  KC loves any kind                                                        of treat!

Horse, Outlaw, at Everything Equine, Norco, CaliforniaOutlaw:    18 year old, 15 hh, chocolate palomino Quarter Horse gelding.  He is the beginner lesson horse.  Outlaw is super sweet with a very laid back personality.  He loves kids and loves to be groomed!  Outlaw has taken over where Blazer left off with the beginners and hes doing great!  Outlaw's best friend is Dusty.

Thor:    15 year old Belgain Draft gelding.  He is one of our rescue horses that came from an auction. He is 18hh and our biggest horse. Thor is a gentle giant and lets anyone - old and young- ride him.

Pepsi:9 year old Appaloosa mare. Red roan. 15hh. She works guided trail rides and will likely be your guide's horse when you ride with us!


Captain:13 year old Thoroughbred gelding. Chestnut. About 16.2hh. Captain is an ex 3 day eventing horse. He is quite on trail and prefers to poke along. Works guided trail rides.

CJ:18 year old Quarter Pony gelding. Chestnut. About 14.2hh. CJ is one of our rescues from auction. He came to us very very skinny, overgrown feet and matted/tangled mane and tail (to the point where we almost had to shave it all off). CJ is a great trail horse and takes great care of his riders. He works guided trail rides.

Dakota:20+ year old POA cross gelding. About 13.3hh. Gray. Dakota is a very energetic older pony. He loves to get out and ride. He takes great care of his riders. He has a very distinctive random black spot. Usually he works as a guide horse. 

Cash:10 year old Quarter Horse gelding. About 16hh. Chestnut. Cash was in training to become a police horse before we purchased him. Cash works as a lesson horse for advanced beginner riders and up. He is currently in training to begin his show career.

Comet:17 year old Warmblood cross gelding. About 16.1hh. Comet works as a lesson horse. He is our star show horse. Comet competes successfully in english and western pleasure, trail and jumping. He may be adding Gymkhana to the long list of things that he can do.

Pumpkin:15 year old Quarter Horse mare. 14.3hh. Pumpkin is another rockstar show horse. She was a rescue for auction and is still putting on the last of her weight. She was a western pleasure show horse before being dumped at auction. Once she is back up to weight, she will be competing this year at horse shows with the students. She works as a lesson horse.

This is Clover the calf that lives at Everything Equine, Norco, California.  We hope to be able to ride her around town when she gets older.  She likes working in our petting zoo and visiting the kids at the birthday parties.Clover:  She is our baby cow and works our petting zoos.  Clover loves attention and loves to follow people!  When she is all grown up, she will weigh 800 - 1,000 lbs!

Goat for petting zoo at Everything Equine, Norco, CaliforniaJersey:  This is our female Boer goat. She likes to work in our petting zoos. Jersey loves attention, and her best friend is Stormy the lamb.

Goat at Everything Equine, Norco, California.  Goat works in petting zoo.Oreo:  This is our baby pygmy goat. He was bred for showing; although, we have never shown him!  He is very friendly and loves to be held.  Oreo loves attention and will follow you around asking for it!  He likes to work petting zoos and loves treats!

This is Stormy.  Stormy lives at Everything Equine, Norco, California.  Stormy likes working in the petting zoos.  You can find Stormy at Everything Equine wondering around with the goats and trying to eat the hay we have stored for the horses and the rest of the animals around Everything Equine.  Stormy is a lovable lamb!

Stormy:  Stormy is a Suffolk lamb. She is a ewe which is a female sheep. Stormy can be a little shy at first but once she notices that you have treats, she will be your best friend!  She enjoys working our petting zoos.

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